Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

  • Adopting A Shelter Pet? Why You Should Arrange For Veterinary Services

    If you've decided to adopt a stray from a local RSPCA shelter, you've made a great choice. Shelter pets are in urgent need of loving, caring homes. Part of that care includes routine medical exams from a veterinarian. In fact, veterinary care should begin as soon as you adopt your furry companion. In most cases, the shelter will provide a basic exam before you take your new pet home. However, that exam usually isn't as comprehensive as it should be, which is why you should schedule an appointment with veterinary services.

  • Essential Tips When Choosing a Pet Grooming Spa

    There are approximately 29 million pets in Australia, with dogs accounting for about 40% of all household pets. While many people prefer grooming their dogs at home, it is advisable to have them professionally groomed. It saves you time and energy and also helps maintain your pet's health. Moreover, professional groomers have the right tools for the job, ensuring that your dog gets the best service possible. However, choosing the right service provider can be challenging with pet grooming spas cropping up in major cities.

  • An Overview Of The Desexing Procedure For Female Dogs

    Desexing female dogs, known as spaying, is a routine procedure carried out by vets and is considered safe and effective. You can have your dog spayed from around two months old, and it's common for dog owners to have their dogs spayed before they reach sexual maturity, which for some dogs can be as young as six months old. Don't worry if you have an older dog, spaying can be carried out at any stage in an adult dog's life.

  • 4 Benefits of Puppy Behaviour Training Classes

    If you have recently purchased a puppy, you may not have considered taking it along to a behavioural training class. This article explores some of the benefits of signing your pet pup up to a behaviour training class. Read on to discover more. Develop a strong relationship with your puppy First, the class is going to give you plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with your puppy and to get better acquainted with one another.

  • A Couple of Main Considerations When Purchasing Pet Food for Your First Dog

    Getting a new dog for your household can be an exciting time. These furballs are not just adorable but they are bound to introduce a different dynamic to your family with the unconditional love they offer. Nonetheless, as a dog parent, you will take on several responsibilities when it comes to the overall health of your puppy. And while vet visits, stability and exercise and more are all important when it comes to the care of your new dog, nutrition is emphatically paramount.

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    Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

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